We’ve Got You Covered 

ATEC has a wide range of affordable health care plans with extensive coverage benefits for you and your family. Your coverage starts as soon as you enroll, with no waiting periods for eligibility. Many plans include benefits such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, and infertility treatments and programs.  You have the freedom to change your plan every year and you can even keep your coverage into retirement.  Best of all, ATEC pays an astounding 72% of the premiums.


Dental and Vision 

Choose from a wide variety of dental and vision plans to meet your needs.  All dental plans have no coinsurance for preventative care and most plans have no waiting periods or age limits for coverage. Vision plans offer excellent coverage for just a few dollars a week and include annual eye exams, breakage warranties, laser correction discounts, and generous allowances for frames.



Help for Mom and Dad 

Whether you’re caring for a parent, a spouse, a sibling, another family member or a close friend, there may come a time when you must consider long-term care.  

  The purpose of long-term care insurance is to cover expenses associated with long-term senior care services and support, whether the care is provided at home or in an assisted living community, skilled nursing facility or other senior care setting. 

  Long-term care insurance policy reimburses you to cover the cost of skilled nursing care; speech, physical and rehabilitation therapy; or services used to assist with activities of daily living. In addition to coverage for yourself, benefits may also be extended to qualified relatives.



Keep More of Your Money 

All ATEC employees are eligible to enroll in flexible spending accounts (FSAs) which can be used to pay for many medical and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Dependent Care FSA can pay for daycare, summer camps, and even compensate non-dependent family members for watching your kids while you are at work. Health Care FSA can be used for big purchases like orthodontics or medical equipment, or smaller items like over-the counter medicines, insurance co-pays and deductibles, and even items like bandages, thermometers, and sunscreen. These programs help you plan for expenses, lower your tax liability and keep more money in your wallet.



Adulting Made Easier 

You have probably heard it many times—responsible adults should have life insurance.  Life insurance is important to cover final expenses, outstanding debts, and help replace your income for your spouse or family in the event of your death. ATEC makes it easier. 

All ATEC employees are automatically enrolled in the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance “basic” plan.  This plan provides a payout of one year of your salary. If you are under 35, the benefit payout is doubled at no extra cost.  

There are additional options to increase or extend coverage to your spouse or children. The cost is just a few dollars a pay check and is partially supplemented by the federal government.  If you enroll right away, there is no requirement for a medical exam or other limitations on participation.


Disability Coverage

Support When You Need It

In many organizations, if you can no longer work due to a chronic medical condition, you are out of luck.  But at ATEC, we have programs to ensure that you can continue to live a life of dignity and care.  If an employee has worked for ATEC 18 months or more, and has become disabled while serving in a covered position, they may be eligible for a permanent pension.