40-hour work week, every week. 

While many for-profit companies expect their employees to work 50+ hours each week, this is not the culture we have created at ATEC.  A 40 hour week, means a 40 hour week.  If by chance you have to work a longer day, you will always be compensated for your time.  



Start Small. End BIG. 

 It's true-the starting salary for an ATEC professional out of college may be less than for-profit corporations.

But if you are willing to start at the ground floor with ATEC, you will see huge gains in your future. Our Career Ladder promotion positions allow a $10k-$15k raise every year for the first three years you work at ATEC. Within 15 years, the average ATEC employee salary may beat the market average by $7k-$37k.*

ATEC also recognizes the contributions of its employees with annual cash awards and salary increases. Plus you will have access to all of the generous 
time-off, paid vacation, flexible work schedules, cost-of-living increases, and fixed 40-hour work weeks enjoyed by most federal employees. So don't be 
fooled by #startingsmall.

*According to the 2019 Median Pay for Science and  Engineering Occupations, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (



Retire like a Boss.

We know saving for retirement can be difficult. And if you are like 60% of most workers under 33, you are not saving enough. But at ATEC, we make it simple and easy to save what you need to retire in comfort. ATEC offers access to the Thrift Savings Plan, a federal version of a 401(k), which includes a variety of investment funds, matching contributions (up to 4%), and low fees. This is in addition to a pension based on years of service and salary at retirement, as well as social security savings.  Together, these retirement benefits have the potential to replace over 100% of your income in retirement AND remain secure in fluctuating markets.



Not just mints on your pillow. 

ATEC employees who are asked to travel as part of their job will be properly compensated.  Expenses covered include lodging, transportation costs, and a generous per-diem for meals and incidentals. You can also bank extra time off for any hours you travel beyond their regular work day. Plus, employees can keep hotel loyalty points and airline miles for their own personal use.



Bye-Bye Student Loans. 

ATEC knows our educated workforce sets us apart, but it also isn’t free. In fact, many new graduates carry a student loan balance. A majority of ATEC employees are part of the Army Acquisition Workforce and are eligible to apply for the Army Acquisition Student Loan Repayment Program.  This program is designed to repay federally insured student loans in order to retain key employees. If accepted, employees may receive up to $10,000 in student loan repayments each year!  

ATEC also offers local student loan repayments as an incentive to recruit new talent. You may be eligible if you have the following:   


In return for student loan repayment, you will be asked to sign a service agreement with ATEC.  The length of the service agreement will range from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the amount of the award. 



You Haul, We Pay: Relocation Allowance. 

If you are interested in a career with ATEC but don’t live near one of our locations, don’t worry! In some cases, new employees can receive financial help to relocate. ATEC can pay: 

A per diem for meals and incidentals 
Travel costs such as mileage reimbursement 
Packing and Shipping of your household goods 
Travel costs for spouse and dependents 

Ask for more information about a “First Duty Station Move” when you speak with a hiring manager!

Army PCS Move App



Money in the bank. 

ATEC is always looking for highly skilled applicants.  We may even offer a sign-on bonus up to 25% of your starting salary for hard-to-fill positions, especially jobs in the STEM and cybersecurity fields.  You may be eligible if you have the following: 

In return for the recruitment bonus, you will be asked to sign a service agreement with ATEC.  The length of the service agreement will range from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the amount of the award. 


Home Purchase Loans

Making home buying a little easier.

Saving up for a home can be a daunting task, but ATEC makes it a little bit easier.  Every employee who contributes to their Thrift Savings Plan retirement fund is eligible to borrow those funds toward the purchase or remodeling of a home using the Residential Loan program.  These loans offer very low interest rates, with the interest being paid back to your retirement account, not a bank. You also have the option to spread your repayments over 15 years.

For additional information, please check out the Army Benefits Center – Civilian (ABC-C) YouTube Channel: Click Here