General Mission

The U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) is located on Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. ATC's main mission includes providing test and test support services (both real and simulated) for its customers, exploiting emerging technologies, and developing leading-edge instrumentation and test methodologies.

A Civilian shows two Soldiers a plate
A group of men stand with arms crossed in front of a crash test dummy

Day in the Life

ATC’s geographic location, combined with unique facilities and the expertise of our workforce, results in testing capabilities that are unmatched in the DoD. Throughout the year, ATC experiences approximately 80% of the world’s climates, providing a comprehensive outdoor test laboratory. ATC’s facilities enable thorough testing for Automotive, Ballistics, Survivability, and Soldier Systems to provide our U.S. warfighters the best equipment anywhere in the world.

Local Attractions

Located in the northeastern portion of Maryland, ATEC HQ’s location gives plenty of access to the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. There are also many historic parks and trails to explore. These include Antietam National Battlefield, Appalachian Trail, Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

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A vintage photograph showing Army barracks at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD


  • ATC’s history dates back to the World War I era when Aberdeen Proving Ground was established in 1917. The Proof Department, ATC’s predecessor, first began testing on 2 January 1918. Commencement of Testing began when Mrs. Marion Stockham, wife of retired Major Edward Stockham, fired the first gun at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Throughout the years, ATC has been responsible for testing on weapons, munitions, vehicles, electronics and more. Notable tests include the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and M1 Abrams tank. In June 1995 the organization was formally designated as the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center.
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Reasons to Work at ATC

A few current employees provided some quotes about what they like most about working at ATC

  • The mix of desk/field work is a huge perk, especially because I can leave my desk, go to the field for testing, and still check off tasks.
  • The best part is knowing that we are making sure our Soldiers will be safe with what we have tested.
  • Working with a bunch of different types of instrumentation. I got to learn a lot of skills through learning how to operate/maintain/troubleshoot instrumentation, both simple and complex.
A man wearing a helmet sitting in a tank and smiling