General Mission

U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground (EPG) is located at Fort Huachuca in Southeastern Arizona, with a field office on Fort Cavazos, TX. (EPG) executes developmental testing in direct support of Army Futures Command, Program Executive Offices, DoD partners and industry partners to ensure our Warfighters are enabled to dominate the future battlefield. We live by our motto “Truth in Testing.”

A military vehicle surrounded by foam spikes and a lift.
A group of people standing in a soundproof chamber with foam spikes.

Day in the Life

EPG manages and conducts developmental testing for electronic warfare to include end-to-end hardware and software testing for Army and DoD. There are a total of 27 range complexes on Fort Huachuca and 15 in the local area used for collaboration with DoD and other Federal Agencies. Roles include test officers, electronics engineers, management and program analysts, computer scientists, computer engineers, security, HR, protocol, safety, logistics, and many more! EPG is also the only test facility in the world that is approved to test second generation beacons (search and rescue) for military, federal, and commercial customers. 

Local Attractions

Sierra Vista is a Purple Heart City and veteran friendly, where the average commute is 16 minutes. This mid-sized city experiences a mild climate with a laidback lifestyle and athletic environment. The surrounding area has a wealth of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling (30 miles of path) and wildlife viewing. Water activities are available at two nearby lakes, and the city’s Cove Aquatic Center. There is a weekly Farmer’s Market and many holiday festivals throughout the year. The city is also just a short drive away from Southern Arizona’s bustling wine country where Cochise County alone has over 10 wineries. For education, Sierra Vista is home to a community college and two universities. For housing, Fort Huachuca’s Housing Office offers local relocation assistance for our Civilian workforce. Those wishing to live in the Tucson area and who work on post, may utilize a weekday shuttle. 

A building with a sign reading Gunfighter Hall of Fame.
A black and white photo with a sign reading Army Electronic Proving Ground Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Bottom text reads Help Prevent Accidents.

Historical Facts

In 1954, Fort Huachuca reopened after World War II and emerged as a key national defense asset.

Pioneer of troposcatter radio technology which enables communication over mountains or other large natural barriers.

MG George I. Back established the Electronic Proving Ground at Fort Huachuca, AZ with the broad mission to “test, prove, explore, and evaluate systems and devices utilizing the electron.” 

MG Emil Lenzner was the first General to lead EPG and Mr. Grady Banister served as its first Technical Director.

Reasons to Work at Electronic Proving Ground

A few current employees provided some quotes about what they liked most about working at EPG:

  • I not only like working at EPG because of the environment, the smaller town, to be able to avoid the big city in a technical job. The job itself, you can get as technically involved hands on with all the different levels of stuff we have it. It makes it awesome.
  • You get to see the behind the scenes on the future of the military!
  • The local area sits around 4500 and 5000 feet above sea level and that makes very good weather year-round.
  • Mountains are in our “backyard” and the sunsets are beautiful! 
A woman takes notes on a notepad in front of an oscilloscope.